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The Miss Imagen beauty pageant collaborated with Centro de la Familia de Utah to offer a workshop on the different beauty standards and stereotypes that influence our perception...

Latest Articles or News

Jisela's Story: Student shows impact beyond data

Jisela thought that she was ready for English language kindergarten. Her mom and Head Start teacher did too. However, when Jisela was interviewed for kindergarten she acted shy, not always answering the teacher's questions. Seeing this response, Jisela was placed in the "needing help" kindergarten class at her school. Jisela was not shy in her new class. Within several weeks, she was helping her new teacher teach other kids the skills she had learned in Montesorri Head Start.


Jisela's mom was encouraged by Jisela's new role in her class as was her Head Start teacher. Jisela's mom worked with the teacher to put together a portfolio of Jisela's Head Start work and gathered the courage to go back to the English language kindergarten teacher. Seeing the incredible work in the portfolio and hearing of Jisela's key role in the "needing help" class, Jisela was invited to join the English language kindergarten class, as she originally wanted.


The impact of Jisela's learning in Head Start was contagious. Her father went to Jisela's Head Start teacher, asking if he could learn English the same way that Jisela did. The teacher was impressed. Then three more fathers of Head Start students approached the teacher with the same request. Now there is a class for parents to learn English the same way that Jisela did and the adult students are happy with their progress.


Jisela's Head Start teacher wanted to express her gratitude to this wonderful young student and her mother. Lacking a proper budget for student achievement gifts, she gave Jisela a box of pencils. Jisela was so moved that she wrote her teacher a thank you note and embellished it with her own artwork.


Jisela's note and the story behind it shows the deep ongoing impact of Centro's Head Start program, which uses the Montessori approach. The note means far more than any required report or measurement and it sits today in a special frame in full view of all who visit the CEO of Centro de la Familia de Utah.