Utah Labor Commission visits Centro's Honeyville Head Start center

Participants of Centro’s workplace safety program in Honeyville received a special visit from Elena Bensor, the Utah Labor Commission public information and community relations officer, Feb. 27. Bensor spoke to the group about the differences between unjust treatment and discrimination in the workplace based on race, color, sex, religion, nation of origin, pregnancy, childbirth, pregnancy-related conditions, age, or disability.

“A person filing a discrimination claim has to prove he or she is being treated differently than other employees because of one of these protected characteristics,” said Bensor.

She also spoke about the time limits they have to file a complaint, the right to receive at least the minimum wage, and the right to receive overtime pay.

Bensor’s presentation concluded the workplace safety program offered to the Honeyville community thanks to a grant from the Utah Labor Commission.

“We learned that we are protected by the law and that we have rights as workers,” said Rosalinda Vega, who attended the safety classes with her parents-in-law.

“Our family works cleaning onions, in the fields. There were things we didn’t know. For example, the precautions we can take, to talk when something is not right… to write down everything that happens,” said Vega.

“You have to collect and write down as much information as you can before filing a complaint. You will not believe the number of people who come to us and do not know their supervisor’s name, their workplace address, or the days they have not been paid,” said Bensor during her presentation.

German Sanchez works at a bio diesel facility and attended the program with his wife, Yuliana. He said they both learned valuable information they can share with their family members.

“We now know about the regulations that exist and the help we can get in case we suffer an accident,” said Sanchez.

Maria Prado said she was thankful for everything she learned about workplace safety and for the childcare services provided during the program.

“If there wasn’t any childcare then I wouldn’t have been fully present in class,” she said.

After Bensor’s presentation, participants received certification testifying their participation in the workplace safety program.

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