Smart Steps

Smart Steps is a research-based parenting program that is offered to our Head Start families and the community in partnership with Utah State University. It is a seven-week course for dating, co-habitating, or remarried couples who have a child or children from a previous relationship, and it addresses the following issues:

Strengthening the couple relationship

Stepparent-stepchild relationships

 Co-parenting with ex-partners

 Legal and financial issues

 Stress-reducing strategies

Centro provides the Smart Steps program free of charge and in Spanish for adults and children (six years and older). It also provides on-sight childcare for children under the age of five.

The program’s objectives include:

To decrease the high rates of divorce among couples with step families

To strengthen families 

 To provide communication skills that help stepfamilies adjust to the changes they face




  Smart Steps Class Feedback – CDLFU Program Total

(Source: Logan M. Smith / Smart Steps Project Manager / Utah State University / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



Adults Enrolled


Youth Enrolled


Participants Reporting Improved Communication


Participants Reporting Improved Conflict Resolution


Participants Reporting Improved Parenting



Quotes – Participants, Post Class

Acceptance as a family and understanding each other's needs.

Actually I think that it helped us in that my husbands listens to me more.

Algunos cambion en nestra pelacion el hecho de saber como arreglar los probemas hablando.

All the classes are important

Be more noble and vulnarable.

Better relationship

Come closer and better understand the things that represent the formation of a new family.

Communication has improved

Communication with my partner; less fights.

Communication, understanding of my family and the reasoning of why was are like this.

Drawn closer together

Family participation

Family unity is the base.


Having a lot of communication and love and support

How to administer money and solve problems.

How to asked for things without criticising my partner and also how to deal with and having more communication with my child.

How to understand my step kids and get along better with my wife.

I communicate better with my kids

I found out that my daughter needed/wanted more family quality time with us.

I have changed a lot, especially the way I act with my family.

I learned that communication is the foundation of a family.

I need to change a few of my ideas and try to communicate better with my family.

I now spend more time with my family

I now understand a lot of things that I didn't before.

I now understand so much more than I did before.  For example, giving kids the opportunity and right to share their ideas with me.

I realized the importance of each member of the family.

I understand my husband and my daughters and I don't feel so inclined anymore now we have a more balanced couple.

It has changed my life and life of my partner and my children. We now live more comfortable and a little more calm. We still have ways to go but we are moving forward.

Knowing that what we were doing was not correct!


Learning how to treat the fmaily with patience and love

Maybe understanding my children more.

More class

More communication

More communication

More communication and better relationship.

More understanding and unity

More understanding.  How to teach my kids more effectively

Most important is communication and working as a team.

My family has been most united, more close.

Opened my eyes to what will not be easy and that there are many important factors to consider.

Our behavior, discipline, and truth.

Our family really got strengthen.

Our family relations are much better.

Patience is more realistically perceived.

Personally to hold on to some things, like thinking before speaking, or walking away when there is conflict with my partner, but most importantly not fighting in front of the children.

Positive and more satisfied.  I have changed a lot


Positive.  We are more happy.  I am more aware of my family.

Put in practice what we have learned

Really good and educative.

Strengthen the family

That I communicate more with them.

That in time and if we work as a family, we can come together.

That my husband has been more patient and understands the children better.

That we communicate more and that we put on each other's shoes.

The communication.

The new ideas about how to strengthen our family

The results have been great.  I'm more united with my spouse and kids.

The rights of all the family members.

There is more comprehension, we talk more and we try to be more tolerant.

This course helped my girls know that they didn't have to be treated the way that they have been at their dad's.

Understand each other better than before and can control my nerves more.

United my partner and my family more--we always agree on almost everything.

We are more united

We are trying to communicate better.

We communicate better and understand our kids better.

We gained more knowleg.    We know our kids better and how treat the different aspects of their lives.

We have improved in many things.

We learned how important communication is as well as participation.

We need to be more consistent in our family goals and we need to be more patient

We now have a clearer knowledge about the similar problems that other step-families have. We try to work better as a family, which has strengthened our relationships.

We pay more attention to our kids and how we treat others.

We talk better to each other and spend more time together.

We try to put in practice the things that we have learned and our relationship is already a little bit better.

We understand each other better, having more communication and tolerance.

We value each other more and spend more time together.

Well I try to calm down when I am under pressure or am nervous I try to calm down and think things though.