Culture Competency & Outreach

Non-profit and for-profit service providers alike, we are all challenged to increase our understanding of the cultures present in the client and customer groups we serve. This means understanding motivators, behaviors, responses and languages in ways that lead us to establish appropriate metrics and assessments in the areas of human resource management and client service.

The Cultural Competency in Practice training programs offered by Centro de la Familia de Utah prepares your organization to best meet the needs of your multi-cultural workforce and clientele. Key to client success is our ability to customize our training to your organization’s specific needs.

Why Centro de la Familia de Utah?

For more than 30 years, Centro has provided services to some 25,000 Latino families in Utah. In that time we have developed and refined best practices for service delivery to this growing consumer population. The strategies we use daily easily transfer to a variety of ethnic minority populations (refugees as well as new immigrants) and also work well with clientele from the majority community. In the past five years we have trained more than 300 staff and volunteers representing some 20 nonprofit and governmental agencies throughout the state.

Our Cultural Competency in Practice trainings provide:

Strategies and tools to assess your organization’s level of cultural competency and define systemic gaps.
Steps to improve your organization’s ability to serve Latinos and other clients from minority populations.
Culture-specific research, data and outcomes related to becoming more culturally competent.
Interactive and experiential learning strategies from experienced presenters who can keep your staff interested and engaged while educating them on best-practices in a multicultural business climate.

Outreach Presentations

Centro staff provide established and custom programs throughout Utah on a ongoing basis.

Special presentations and collaboration with other government and nonprofit agency programs is supported upon request. Please contact Gonzalo Palza or Edith Urbina at (801) 521-4473 to arrange for a presentation or to explore collaboration opportunities.